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About Us

Park & Madison was born in 2014 in East Harlem, NY, a place that I called "home" for many years.  Our name was derived from the many late night cab rides where I had to spit out "118th Street, between Park & Madison" repeatedly until my cab driver understood that I was going to Harlem, and not 18th Street between Park and Madison (which actually doesn't even exist).  I've always thought that candles can inspire that comfortable sense and feeling of "home," so it felt right to name them after the place that I was lucky enough to call my home for so long.
My candle making journey began while struggling to find quality candles that were also in line with my stance on being eco-conscious.  I found that most store bought and commercially made candles were producing a black soot that was sticking to the white walls in my apartment. I was convinced that I could create better quality candles that wouldn't pollute the environment, and require a new paint job!
I began experimenting with different types of wax and blends of essential oils.  There was a lot of trial (and even more error) but it was clear that soy wax had the "cleanest" burn.  After almost a year of experimentation I finally had a product that I could stand behind.
Park & Madison candles are bold, warm, and inviting.  We always use all natural soy wax and unique blends of essential and phthalate-free fragrance oil. Our candles are made in small batches and each one is hand poured with love. Although we were founded in NYC, we are now pouring in both Charleston and Philadelphia.  We hope our candles make you feel at home!


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